The Devils
is the name of a band formed by Nick Rhodes and Stephen Duffy in 2002. The first incarnation of Duran Duran in 1978 included Rhodes as keyboardist, John Taylor on guitar and Duffy as songwriter/vocalist and bassist (along with Simon Colley). This lineup performed live for almost a year before Duffy and Colley left the band. Duffy moved on to a solo career and The Lilac Time, and Duran Duran eventually went on to fame with drummer Roger Taylor, Andy Taylor and Simon Le Bon. In 1999, Duffy came across an old tape recording of a live Duran Duran concert from a 1979 show. Shortly afterwards, Rhodes and Duffy met by chance at a fashion show and began talking about the old music. They decided it might be fun to re-record some of those original, dark, art-school, pre-Le Bon Duran Duran songs. A few months later they took to the studio, using vintage analog instruments but modern production techniques to recreate the early sound. The lyrics remained unchanged. They only played live two times before both members returned to their normal careers.

London 19 November 2002
Cologne 17 February 2003
was a Radio Promo CDr only. It was released in the UK during 2002. The single was released in a slim stickered cover, with info about the band and the release of the album
Dark Circles
The only studio album from The Devils. Released on July, 15th 2002 in the UK. Released in Japan in 2003
CAT NR TPCD001 0684340000816
Memory Places, Big Store, Dark Circles, Signals in Smoke, Come Alive, Hawks do not Share,
Newhaven - Dieppe, World Exclusive, Aztec Moon, Lost Decade, Barbarellas, The Tinsel Ritual
Come Alive (Tiga Swear Lies Remix) Bonus track from CD release of Dark Circles in Japan